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Birthday Cake Cutting & Learning Pretend Playset

Dhs. 160.00

 This toy features a charming wooden cake with vibrant, non-toxic paint. The cake layers are stackable, promoting fine motor skills. The set includes removable number candles, allowing kids to practice counting and basic math while celebrating pretend birthdays. It's a durable and imaginative play option for young children.   #learnthroughplay...




Absolutely, it sounds like you have a versatile and educational playset! Here's a breakdown of how you can make the most of it:


1. **Learning Fractions and Parts**:

   - Utilize the 6 cake pieces to introduce the concept of fractions. Discuss how a whole cake can be divided into equal parts, like halves, thirds, etc. This helps in understanding parts and wholes.


2. **Age Representation with Numbered Candles**:

   - Use the 5 numbered candles to represent a child's age. This can be a fun way to incorporate math and counting. For example, if someone is turning 5, use the "5" candle to depict their age.


3. **Adding Candles for Age**:

   - As an extension of the above, encourage adding the appropriate number of candles to represent a child's age. This reinforces basic addition skills.


4. **Memory Match Game with Toppings**:

   - The 7 candles and 18 toppings can be used for a memory match game. Place them face down, and take turns trying to find matching pairs. This helps with memory and visual recognition.


Overall, this playset offers a wonderful mix of imaginative play and educational opportunities. It's a great way to make learning enjoyable! If you have any more questions or need further ideas, feel free to ask.



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