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In this age where we are surrounded by iPads, televisions, etc. It is truly difficult for parents to engage the children in activities that will help in brain development.  

At just 3 years old, child’s brain will be about 80 % the size of an adult brain. 

Early in your child’s life, they will start to form synapses at a faster rate than at any other time of life. This allows them to learn things  more quickly than adults do. 

Children’s  toys are not just about kids being busy, that is, having something to do. Above all, it is important to us that they receive toys that are appropriate to their age and development. The imagination of the children should be stimulated and this will help develop the creative potential that can be available to a person throughout their entire life. Beautiful, artistically crafted, quality toys, made of natural materials also promote a sense of beauty and an understanding of quality. We consider this important in our "disposable society." 


Having studied early childhood education Eduspark Toys mission is to make sure that these toys and tools provide innumerable opportunities for brain stimulation, growth and development, solutions for an enriching childhood are based on every child's most favourite to do - play.  

Our learning resources include Wooden Toys and Blocks, DIY kits which are joyous to engage with for children, parents and educators alike.